Monday, May 2, 2016

Murder and Wine and the Oblong Door

Wow, a new post. This time I'm posting a short story where I was given a title and ran with it. Let me know what you think.
Murder and Wine and the Oblong Door

                I sat there, staring at the oblong door for some time. It was pale green, golden handle, standard really, outside the fact its shape was more long and thinner than a normal door. Now I was taken back a bit when I saw it, just there in the middle of the room as I entered for my nightly drink, ominous, but it had a feeling of inviting, like it wanted me to open it. At first I didn’t feel it, I poured my drink and sat down and that is when the urge started to creep into me.

                I placed my Merlot on the little round table next to my lounge chair and preceded to stand up. It took all I had to force myself to sit back down, it was like I was being pulled deep in my gut, invisible hands reaching in and grabbing my intestines. But sit I did, I wiped the small beads of sweat that formed on my forehead away with my hanky and returned it to my smoking jackets front pocket. I sat there with my eyes closed – this helped ease the urge – and thought about what to do. If I stand I will walked to the door, if I remain surely I will suffer.

                I reached over and took my drink, hurriedly I swallowed the remains, not taking the time to saver the flavor or enjoy it, I just knew I needed that liquid courage right now. As I replaced the empty glass I picked up the small bell and rang for Martha, my maid, to refill my glass. That’s when it hit me, I will ask Martha for help.

                Martha knocked at the door and leaned in, “Did you summon for me, Mr. Stafford?” she said.

                “Yes, Martha, would you refill my Merlot for me?” I returned with a smile, trying not to show the pain I was feeling of the pull from the door. Martha must have noticed something, she stepped into the room and noticed the door.

                “Oh, I did know you had purchased a new art piece, sir.”

                “Art piece? Oh yes, something a little new age, I figured it will look good in the garden, a little of putting having a free standing door to nothing.” I replied with a chuckle, the hurt intensified and I grabbed at my midsection, also leaped up and ran to the door. Martha immediately was a t my side to see what she could do to help, that was the moment the pain lessened. I couldn’t comprehend what just happened. Why did the pain lessen, was the alcohol finally kicking in? I turned toward Martha and realized she was looking at the door now. Then it hit me like an epiphany, she felt the pull, it was leaving me and being transferred to her. I asked if she was alright. “Oh yes, but I feel I should inspect the artwork, like it wants me too.” She explained.

                “By all means, go over and indulge yourself,” I said, with a small smirk. Let her see what it is and I’ll stand back and get a clearer idea what I’m dealing with, I thought.

                Martha slowly walked over to the door, she ran her hand slowly over the pale green wood. I could see she had shivered the moment her fingers touched it. Now she had both hands on the door, slow swipes as if she was caressing a man, she pressed her body to the door now, she let out slow sensual breaths casually covered by minor groans. She reached for the door handle and turned it. The door slowly opened inward.

                My rational brain told me all I would see would be the rest of my study on the other side of the door, but this would be the most wrong I have ever been in my life. Compared to when I married my ex-wife, or widow, either way you look at it, but that’s how I got to be rich, this was more wrong still. There was a dim blue light that emitted from within what appeared to be a circular tunnel, the walls looked grooved, but the light it was attracted my vision the most. Martha walked through, appearing to be unafraid, walking toward the light. As she walked her figure momentarily blocked the blue light and I was able to focus my gaze to what was around her and that’s when I saw the teeth. They lined the top and sides of the door, just a little ways passed the door itself. Slowly the gaping mouth started to close, and slowly pushed the door closed as well. Martha never noticed this, nor the door closing behind her, she just kept walking. And as the door finally closed with a click. I found myself standing. My heart was racing and my breath were heavy and dry. Did I just see Martha get swallowed by some monstrous thing? A thing that lives behind a magic pale green door? I sat down, and as I did the door slowly opened inwards towards me, I griped the armrests thinking the beast would have hands and reach out for me next. But all that I saw was the rest of my study, the only difference was on the floor was a basket, and in the basket were gold coins. I paused for a bit as my heart slowed and I regained my breath. I stood and walked around the door, afraid to walk through it. The basket was still there, coins intact. My brain finally was able to catchup, if this thing is feed, it pays in gold? Slowly a smile formed on my face. This will help me, my ex-wife’s money was running out and this could be a path to riches.

I refilled my drink and walked to the phone, I dialed the only other number I could remember.

“Hello Father-in-Law, can you stop by?”

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